Polar Ice takes its roots back to 1996 and over the last 24 years has established a steady reputation for reliability and quality with a customer base in excess of 900, ranging from dairies, hospitality providers, supermarkets, liquor stores, food manufacturing, service stations, recreational & commercial fishermen. Our team have a proud history with Polar Ice NZ and strive to go above and beyond for our customers.

We have the capacity to manufacture 200 tonne of ice a week with the core products being Party Ice, Flake Salt Ice which is sold in a range of bag sizes, also by the tonne for rapid cooling, recreation, snow days, commercial fishing, cooling drinks and ice baths.

Real People Doing Real Work

Polar Ice is proudly NZ owned and operated. We pride ourselves in giving outstanding customer service, competitive pricing and fast delivery. We value each and every customer and will go the extra mile, nothing is too difficult.

We Manufacture, Supply and Distribute:

– 3kg Bags of Party Ice
– 10kg Bags of Party Ice
– 5kg Bags of Salt Ice
– 10kg Bags of Salt Ice
– 20kg Bags of Salt Ice
– Bulk Bags (approx half a ton of ice)

Ice for the party - Polar Ice

Asure Quality Certified

Polar Ice is the only Company in NZ manufacturing ice under a HACCP Based Food Control Program audited by MPI and AsureQuality. We are members of the Packaged Ice Association of Australasia.

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Some examples of who we distribute to are:

– General Public
– Dairies
– Food Manufacturers
– Seafood Retail Outlets
– Service Stations
– Liquor Outlets
– Bars
– Restaurants
– Fishing
– Recreational Fishing
– Camping Outlets
– Concerts & events
– Catering Companies
– Hospitality Industry
– All Airlines at Auckland International Airport Industry

Need Help With Supply?

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