Supplying ice to the party

Polar Ice

New Zealand’s best ice

Major Supplier of Ice to the Greater Auckland Region and Coromandel

Based in Takanini Polar Ice is owned and operated by Chris and Sharee Green. Distributing products from the Bombay Hills right up to the Mangawhai Heads, contracting a distributor to service from Mangawhai Heads to the Far North.

Also, a manufacturing and distribution plant is based in Whitianga – Whitianga Ice Supplies – servicing the Coromandel Region.

Ice is manufactured under a Food Control Plan audited by MPI and AsureQuality.

Software System – Coolrunning

We have seven trucks on the road and have invested in a software system called Coolrunning – the first company in New Zealand to have done so.  The system provides a cloud-based order/delivery system sent directly to the driver who can generate a sale on the run, reducing administration time and improving customer service.

Ice for every occasion

3kg, 10kg and 20kg – made from UV treated and filtrated potable water ensuring it can be safely added to any drink, food or used simply to keep things cool.  This product is manufactured under a strict food control plan.

5kg, 10kg, 20kg and Bulk – made from UV treated and filtrated potable water with salt added.

Salt Ice has a slower melting rate than party ice.  Our Customers preferred option for keeping their products fresh and looking fantastic in display counters.  Can be used in bulk for Snow Day’s, Fishing, Rapid Cooling in the Food Manufacturing Industry, Ice Baths etc

A line of crystal clear ice in a varying range of sizes, hand cut and made to order.  Most popular is 50cm Cubes.  These large cubes take longer to melt, which means less dilution and visually appealing.

Polar Ice Cubes

100% Water, 100% Ice - Ice Is Food

PIAA packaged ice is the gold standard for any cooling need, as our ice is never touched by human hands during the production and handling process. Look for the PIAA logo to ensure the ice you are buying is safe to consume.

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