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Party Ice for BBQ's

We're the go-to source for ice across the greater Auckland region

Polar Ice NZ Ltd, helmed by Buzz Kronfeld and Catharine Morgan, is the driving force behind distributing top-quality products across Auckland, spanning from the Bombay Hills to the scenic Mangawhai Heads. We’ve also partnered with a distributor to cater to areas stretching from Mangawhai Heads up to the Far North, ensuring widespread accessibility to our products.

Ice is manufactured under a Food Control Plan audited by MPI & Asure Quality. 

Chilling out
Parties since 1996

Party ice

Made from UV treated & filtrated potable water ensuring it can be safely added to any drink or food or used simply to keep things cool.

Keeping your
stuff fresh!

Salt Water Flake

Made from filtrated & UV treated drinking water with salt added.

Salt Water Flake ice has a slower melting rate than party ice, and as such is our customers preferred option for keeping their product fresh, unmarked and inviting to the consumer.

It also looks fantastic in display counters.

Making hot Events super cool

If you’ve experienced the cool touch of ice at an event, odds are Polar Ice NZ was behind it, ensuring your beverages stay frosty and your celebrations stay chill. Trust Polar Ice NZ to bring the freeze to your next event, making it an unforgettable icy affair.

Real people doing cool work

Polar Ice NZ is proudly NZ owned and operated. We pride ourselves in giving outstanding customer service, competitive pricing and fast delivery. We value each and every customer and will go the extra mile, nothing is too difficult.

Need to chill out?

Connect with our squad of seasoned pros boasting decades of industry know-how. We’ve got your back!

Cool Running

We use a brilliant system called Cool Running. This provides a cloud-based order/delivery system that sends orders directly to our drivers who can generate a sale on the run, reducing administration time and improving customer service.